Journal Name Publisher Name Country Articles Count
Bone and Joint Journal Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery - Br United Kingdom 9378
Bone and Joint Research British Editorial Society of Bone and Joint Surgery United Kingdom 133
Bone and Tissue Regeneration Insights Libertas Academica Ltd New Zealand 9
Bone Marrow Research Hindawi Publishing Corporation United States 60
Bone Research Nature Publishing Group United Kingdom 14
Bonefolder Book Arts Web United States 113
Bonfring International Journal of Advances in Image Processing Bonfring India 13
Bonfring International Journal of Data Mining Bonfring India 39
Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science Bonfring India 90
Bonfring International Journal of Man Machine Interface Bonfring India 13
Bonfring International Journal of Networking Technologies and Applications Bonfring India 6
Bonfring International Journal of Power Systems and Integrated Circuits Bonfring India 36
Bonfring International Journal of Research in Communication Engineering Bonfring India 19
Bonfring International Journal of Software Engineering and Soft Computing Bonfring India 13
Bonn Zoological Bulletin Zoologisches Forschungsmuseum Alexander Koenig Germany 322
Bonplandia Instituto de Botanica del Nordeste Argentina 82
Books and Culture: a Christian Review Christianity Today United States 60
Borderlands E-Journal Borderlands e-Journal Australia 359
Boreal Environment Research Finnish Limnological Society Finland 498
Borneo Science Journal Universiti Malaysia Sabah Malaysia 6
Borsa Istanbul Review Elsevier Science Netherlands 39
Bosnian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences Association of Basic Medical Sciences of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina 377
Bosque Universidad Austral de Chile. Facultad de Filosofía y Humanidades Chile 384
Boston College International and Comparative Law Review Boston College Law School United States 56
Boston College Law Review Boston College Law School United States 514
Boston Review Boston Critic, Inc United States 1554
Boston University International Law Journal Boston University School of Law United States 109
Boston University Law Review Boston University School of Law United States 447
Botanica Lithuanica Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co. KG Germany 30
Botanica Orientalis: Journal of Plant Science Tribhuvan University Nepal 13
Botanica Serbica University of Belgrade Romania 136
Botanical Bulletin of Academia Sinica Institute of Botany Taiwan 519
Botanical Contributions Alexandru Borza Botanical Garden Romania 20
Botanical Research Hans Publishers Inc China 8
Botanical Studies: An International Journal Springer Science+Business Media Germany 1598
Botanics: Targets and Therapy Dove Medical Press Ltd United Kingdom 13
Botany Research International International Digital Organization for Scientific Information Publications United Arab Republic 121
Botany Research Journal Medwell Online Pakistan 11
Boundary Field Problems and Computer Simulation Riga Technical University Latvia 23
Boundary Value Problems Springer Science+Business Media Germany 532
Bowdoin Magazine Bowdoin College United States 172
Bragantia Instituto Agronômico de Campinas Brazil 1000
Brain Oxford University Press United Kingdom 6100
Brain and Behavior John Wiley and Sons, Inc United States 231
Brain and Neurorehabilitation Korean Association of Medical Journal Editors Korea, Republic of 13
Brain Disorders and Therapy OMICS Publishing Group United States 28
Brain Impairment Cambridge University Press United Kingdom 576
Brain Informatics Springer Science+Business Media Germany 20
Brain Sciences MDPI Publishing Switzerland 144
Brain Tumor Research and Treatment Korean Brain Tumor Society Korea, Dem. Republic 22
BRAIN. Broad Research in Artificial Intelligence and Neurosciences EduSoft Publishing House Romania 100
Brain-Computer Interfaces Taylor and Francis Ltd United Kingdom 18
Brains, Minds and Media Digital Peer Publishing NRW Germany 12
BRAND : Broad Research in Accounting, Negotiation, and Distribution EduSoft Publishing House Romania 36
Brand Packaging Stagnito Communications United States 1128
Brandweek VNU Business Media United States 2583
Bratislava Medical Journal Comenius University Slovakia 2248
Brazilian Administration Review ANPAD - Associação Nacional de Pós-Graduação Brazil 213
Brazilian Animal Science Universidade Federal de Goias, Faculdade de Enfermagem Brazil 790
Brazilian Archive of Digestive Surgery Colégio Brasileiro de Cirurgia Digestiva Brazil 454
Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology Tecpar Brazil 2100
Brazilian Archives of Endocrinology and Metabolism Sociedade Brasileira de Endocrinologia e Metabologia Brazil 1319
Brazilian Business Review Brazilian Business Review Brazil 224
Brazilian College of Veterinary Parasitology Colégio Brasileiro de Parasitologia Veterinária Brazil 483
Brazilian Dental Journal Dental Foundation of Ribeirão Preto Brazil 936
Brazilian Dental Science Universidade Estadual Paulista Brazil 103
Brazilian English Language Teaching Journal Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul Brazil 68
Brazilian Herbicide Journal Brazilian Weed Science Society Brazil 104
Brazilian Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Universidade de Pernambuco Brazil 409
Brazilian Journal for Nature Conservation Elsevier Science Netherlands 27
Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology Elsevier Science Netherlands 210
Brazilian Journal of Animal Health and Production Universidade Federal da Bahia Brazil 524
Brazilian Journal of Animal Science Sociedade Brasileira de Zootecnia Brazil 3612
Brazilian Journal of Biology Instituto Internacional de Ecologia Brazil 1753
Brazilian Journal of Biomedical Engineering Sociedade Brasileira de Engenharia Biomédica Brazil 44
Brazilian Journal of Biomotricity Brazilian Journal of Biomotricity Brazil 177
Brazilian Journal of Biosciencies Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul Brazil 340
Brazilian Journal of Botany Springer Science+Business Media Germany 751
Brazilian Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular Brazil 1219
Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering Brazilian Society of Chemical Engineering Brazil 1125
Brazilian Journal of Exercise Physiology and Prescription Instituto Brasileiro de Pesquisa e Ensino em Fisiologia do Exercicio Brazil 173
Brazilian Journal of Family and Community Medicine Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina de Família e Comunidade Brazil 106
Brazilian Journal of Food Technology Instituto de Tecnologia de Alimentos Brazil 62
Brazilian Journal of Forestry Research Embrapa Florestas Brazil 246
Brazilian Journal of Futsal and Soccer Instituto Brasileiro de Pesquisa e Ensino em Fisiologia do Exercicio Brazil 114
Brazilian Journal of Geriatrics and Gerontology Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro Brazil 19
Brazilian Journal of Health Systems Management Universidade Nove de Julho Brazil 40
Brazilian Journal of Hygiene and Animal Sanity Federal University of Ceara Brazil 192
Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases Brazilian Society of Infectious Diseases Brazil 1474
Brazilian Journal of Information Science Universidade Estadual Paulista Brazil 86
Brazilian Journal of International Law Centro Universitário de Brasilia Brazil 44
Brazilian Journal of Maize and Sorghum Brazilian Association of Maize and Sorghum Brazil 8
Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research Brazilian Society of Genetics Brazil 3293
Brazilian Journal of Medical Education Associação Brasileira de Educação Médical Brazil 659
Brazilian Journal of Microbiology Brazilian Society for Microbiology Brazil 1815
Brazilian Journal of Nephrology Sociedade Brasileira de Nefrologia Brazil 303
Brazilian Journal of Obesity, Nutrition and Weightloss Instituto Brasileiro de Pesquisa e Ensino em Fisiologia do Exercicio Brazil 76
Brazilian Journal of Oceanography Universidade de São Paulo Brazil 391
Brazilian Journal of Oral Sciences Brazilian Journal of Oral Sciences Brazil 562
Brazilian Journal of Otolaryngology Sociedade Brasileira de Otorrinolaringologista Brazil 96

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