Journal Name Publisher Name Country Articles Count
CA Magazine Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland United Kingdom 1845
CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians American Cancer Society United States 2122
Cabin Crew Safety Flight Safety Foundation United States 27
Cadalyst Longitude Media, LLC United States 1480
Caderno CRH Universidade Federal da Bahia Brazil 269
Cadernos Cedes Centro de Estudos Educação e Sociedade Brazil 203
Cadernos de Comunicacao Universidade Federal de Santa Maria Brazil 6
Cadernos de Pesquisa Fundação Carlos Chagas Brazil 316
Cadernos do PET Filosofia Universidade Federal do Piauí Brazil 47
Cadernos do Programa de Pós-Graduacao em Direito Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul Brazil 58
Cadernos EBAPE.BR Fundação Getúlio Vargas Brazil 299
Cadernos Pagu Núcleo de Estudos de Gênero - Pagu Brazil 192
Cadmus Risk Institute Italy 107
Cahiers Agricultures John Libbey Eurotext Publishers France 67
Cahiers de l'APLIUT Association des Professeurs de Langues des IUT France 150
Cal Lab Cal Lab Magazine United States 63
Cal Poly Pomona Journal Interdisciplinary Studies California State Polytechnic University, Pomona United States 33
Calcium Signaling Research Publisher Inc United States 6
Caldasia Instituto de Ciencias Naturales, Facultad de Ciencias-Universidad Nacional de Colombia Colombia 238
Calf News CALF News United States 211
CALICO Journal Texas State University United States 47
Calicut Medical Journal CMC Alumni Vellore Association India 203
California Agriculture California Agriculture United States 321
California Bar Journal State Bar of California United States 703
California Italian Studies Journal University of California United States 10
California Law Review University of California, Berkeley United States 5742
California Linguistic Notes California State University United States 211
California Planning and Development Report California Planning and Development Report United States 1499
California Western International Law Journal California Western School of Law United States 5
Californian Journal of Health Promotion Californian Journal of Health Promotion United States 506
CALL-EJ Online CALL-EJ Online Japan 89
Caltech Undergraduate Research Journal Caltech Undergraduate Research Journal United States 84
CAmagazine Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants Canada 1223
Cambodian Journal of Natural History Fauna & Flora International United Kingdom 54
Cambridge Journal of Mathematics International Press United States 4
Cambridge Journal of Postcolonial Literary Inquiry Cambridge University Press United Kingdom 33
Camine: Ways of Education Camine: Ways of Education Brazil 39
Caminhando Universidade Metodista de São Paulo Brazil 199
Caminhos de Geografia Universidade Federal de Uberlândia Brazil 58
Campbell Law Review Campbell University School of Law United States 135
Campos: Revista de Antropologia Social Universidade Federal do Parana Brazil 25
Campo-Território : Revista de Geografia Agrária Universidade Federal de Uberlândia Brazil 150
Canadian Adverse Reaction Newsletter Health Canada Canada 131
Canadian Aesthetics Journal Canadian Society for Aesthetics Canada 38
Canadian Association of Radiologists Journal Canadian Association of Radiologists Journal Canada 663
Canadian Bulletin of Medical History Lakehead University Canada 190
Canadian Chemical Transactions Borderless Science Publishing Canada 53
Canadian Family Physician College of Family Physicians of Canada Canada 6857
Canadian Geriatrics Journal Canadian Geriatrics Society Canada 70
Canadian Graduate Journal of Sociology and Criminology University of Waterloo Canada 17
Canadian Insurance Top Broker Rogers Publishing Limited Canada 126
Canadian Investment Review Rogers Publishing Limited Canada 88
Canadian Journal for New Scholars in Education Canadian Society for Studies in Education Canada 73
Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Canada 56
Canadian Journal for Women in Coaching Coaching Association of Canada Canada 57
Canadian Journal of Aboriginal Community-Based HIV/AIDS Research Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network Canada 88
Canadian Journal of Action Research Nipissing University Canada 16
Canadian Journal of Applied Sciences Intellectual Consortium of Drug Discovery & Technology Development Incorporation Canada 58
Canadian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences Canadian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences Canada 27
Canadian Journal of Buddhist Studies Nalanda College of Buddhist Studies Canada 8
Canadian Journal of Career Development Memorial University of Newfoundland Canada 37
Canadian Journal of Clinical Pharmacology Pulsus Group Inc Canada 393
Canadian Journal of Continuing Medical Education STA HealthCare Communications Inc Canada 1526
Canadian Journal of Counselling University of Calgary Canada 391
Canadian Journal of Dental Hygiene Canadian Dental Hygienists Association Canada 113
Canadian Journal of Diabetes Canadian Diabetes Association Canada 927
Canadian Journal of Diagnosis STA HealthCare Communications Inc Canada 1015
Canadian Journal of Disability Studies Canadian Disability Studies Association Canada 68
Canadian Journal of Education Canadian Society for the Study of Education Canada 1318
Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy Canada 18
Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians Canada 958
Canadian Journal of Family and Youth MacEwan Institute for Research on Family and Youth Canada 34
Canadian Journal of Higher Education Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education Canada 185
Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists Canada 347
Canadian Journal of Infection Control Community and Hospital Infection Control Association Canada 312
Canadian Journal of Kidney Health and Disease BioMed Central Ltd United Kingdom 49
Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology Canada 258
Canadian Journal of Media Studies University of Western Ontario Canada 64
Canadian Journal of Midwifery Research and Practice Log Cabin Publishing Canada 11
Canadian Journal of Native Studies Canadian Indian/native Studies Association Canada 185
Canadian Journal of Nonprofit and Social Economy Research Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing Press Canada 39
Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology Canadian Ophthalmological Society Canada 2023
Canadian Journal of Pentecostal-Charismatic Christianity Trinity Western University Canada 29
Canadian Journal of Plant Breeding Canadian Science and Technology Press Inc Canada 24
Canadian Journal of Plant Protection Canadian Science and Technology Press Inc Canada 24
Canadian Journal of Psychiatry Canadian Psychiatric Association Canada 1702
Canadian Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences SENRA Academic Publishers Canada 405
Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists Canada 80
Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine Canadian Medical Association Canada 554
Canadian Journal of Sociology University of Alberta Canada 2408
Canadian Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists Canada 6
Canadian Journal of Surgery Canadian Medical Association Canada 1502
Canadian Journal of Transportation University of New Brunswick Canada 21
Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research Canadian Veterinary Medical Association Canada 706
Canadian Journal on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition AM Publishers Canada 20
Canadian Journal on Automation, Control and Intelligent System AM Publishers Canada 11
Canadian Journal on Biomedical Engineering and Technology AM Publishers Canada 27
Canadian Journal on Chemical Engineering and Technology AM Publishers Canada 43
Canadian Journal on Computing in Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Engineering and Medicine AM Publishers Canada 142
Canadian Journal on Data Information and Knowledge Engineering AM Publishers Canada 16

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