Journal Name Publisher Name Country Articles Count
G- Journal of Environmental Science and Technology Grace and Peace Welfare Society India 34
G3 : Genes, Genomes, Genetics Genetics Society of America United States 686
Gaceta Laboral Universidad del Zulia Venezuala 130
GAIA: Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society Oekom Verlag Germany 249
Galaxies MDPI Publishing Switzerland 36
Galaxy Galaxy International Interdisciplinary Research Journal India 284
Galen Medical Journal Fasa University of Medical Sciences Iran 85
Galicia 21: Journal of Contemporary Galician Studies Bangor University United Kingdom 9
Galle Medical Journal Galle Medical Association Sri Lanka 208
Gallup Business Journal Gallup Poll News Service United States 208
Game Studies Game Studies United Kingdom 133
Game Theory Hindawi Publishing Corporation United States 14
Games MDPI Publishing Switzerland 108
Gamut - Music Theory Society of the Mid-Atlantic Newfound Press United States 29
GANIT: Journal of Bangladesh Mathematical Society Dhaka University Bangladesh 42
Ganpat University-Faculty of Management Studies Journal of Management and Research Ganpat University India 10
Garden Royal Horticultural Society United Kingdom 254
Gardens and Landscapes of Portugal Universidade de Évora Portugal 5
Gastro Openventio Publishers United States 3
Gastroenterological and Intestinal Systems Herbert Publications United Kingdom 2
Gastroenterology and Hepatology MedCrave Group United States 12
Gastroenterology and Hepatology from Bed to Bench Iranian Association of Endodontists and Iranian Center for Endodontic Research Iran 248
Gastroenterology Insights PAGEPress Italy 20
Gastroenterology Report Oxford University Press United Kingdom 112
Gastroenterology Research Elmer Press Canada 313
Gastroenterology Research and Practice Hindawi Publishing Corporation United States 770
Gastrointestinal Cancer Research International Society of Gastrointestinal Oncology United States 363
Gastrointestinal Cancer: Targets and Therapy Dove Medical Press Ltd United Kingdom 30
Gatherings: Seeking Ecopsychology International Community for Echopsychology United Kingdom 61
Gavesana Journals Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management India 9
Gay and Lesbian Issues and Psychology Review Australian Psychological Society Australia 151
Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide United States 578
Gayana Universidad de Concepción Chile 309
Gayana Botánica Universidad de Concepción Chile 268
Gazette of the Australian Mathematical Society Australian Mathematical Society Australia 37
Gazi University Journal of Science Gazi University Turkey 719
Gazi University Journal of Science Part A: Engineering and Innovation Gazi University Turkey 10
Gazi University Journal of Science Part B: Art, Humanities, Design and Planning Gazi University Turkey 7
Gaziantep Medical Journal Gaziantep Üniveristesi Japan 119
Gdansk Journal of East Asian Studies Jagiellonian University Press Poland 59
GE- International Research Journal of Management Research Associated Asia Research Foundation India 259
GE Portuguese Journal of Gastroenterology Elsevier Science Netherlands 308
Gefame University of Michigan United States 25
GE-International Journal of Engineering Research Associated Asia Research Foundation India 38
GEMA Online Journal of Language Studies Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Malaysia 193
Gemini Norwegian University of Science and Technology Norway 499
Gender Forum Signal Transduction Society Germany 217
Gender Studies Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co. KG Germany 60
Gender, Sexuality and Feminism Michigan State University United States 5
Genders A Net Presence, Inc United States 153
Gene Conserve Universidade de Brasília Brazil 125
Gene Expression to Genetical Genomics Libertas Academica Ltd New Zealand 7
Gene Regulation and Systems Biology Libertas Academica Ltd New Zealand 101
Gene Therapy and Molecular Biology International Society of Gene Therapy & Molecular Biology United States 325
Genel Typ Dergisi Konya ve Karaman Tabip Odasy Turkey 41
General and Applied Plant Physiology Acad. M. Popov Institute of Plant Physiology Bulgaria 241
General Health and Medical Sciences Technology Institute of Dadaab Kenya 8
General Mathematics Notes International Center for Scientific Research and Studies Jordan 411
General Medicine OMICS Publishing Group United States 50
General Medicine Japanese Society of General Medicine Japan 135
General Scientific Researches Technology Institute of Dadaab Kenya 7
Generics and Biosimilars Initiative Pro Pharma Communications International Belgium 3
Genes MDPI Publishing Switzerland 200
Genes and Cancer Sage Publications United Kingdom 324
Genes and Development Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press United States 4124
Genes and Diseases Elsevier Science Netherlands 25
Genes and Environment Japanese Environmental Mutagen Society Japan 197
Genes and Genetic Systems Genetics Society of Japan Japan 882
Genes to Cells Molecular Biology Society of Japan Japan 1745
Genes, Brain and Behavior International Behavioural and Neural Genetics Society United States 1070
Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Journal AstonJournals United States 9
Genetic Engineering News Genetic Engineering News United States 3449
Genetic Vaccines and Therapy BioMed Central Ltd United Kingdom 100
Genetics Genetics Society of America United States 12212
Genetics and Epigenetics Libertas Academica Ltd New Zealand 18
Genetics and Molecular Biology Brazilian Society of Genetics Brazil 1708
Genetics and Molecular Research Genetics and Molecular Research Brazil 3329
Genetics Research International Hindawi Publishing Corporation United States 104
Genetics Selection Evolution BioMed Central Ltd United Kingdom 692
Genetika Serbian Genetics Society Serbia 515
Genewatch Council for Responsible Genetics United Kingdom 354
Genome Announcements American Society for Microbiology United States 900
Genome Biology and Evolution Oxford University Press United Kingdom 603
Genome Integrity BioMed Central Ltd United Kingdom 43
Genome Research Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press United States 2825
Genomics Elsevier Science Netherlands 8372
Genomics and Applied Biology BioPublisher Canada 17
Genomics and Informatics Korea Genome Organization Korea, Republic of 164
Genomics and Quantitative Genetics Knoblauch Publishing United States 10
Genomics Data Elsevier Science Netherlands 137
Genomics Discovery Herbert Publications United Kingdom 4
Genomics Insights Libertas Academica Ltd New Zealand 11
Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics Elsevier Science Netherlands 305
Geo: Geography and Environment John Wiley and Sons, Inc United States 1
Geoadria Croatian Geographical Society Croatia 166
Geo-Analyst Geographical Society of North Bengal India 41
Geochemical Transactions Springer Science+Business Media Germany 251
Geochronometria Springer Science+Business Media Germany 291
Geodesy and Cartography Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co. KG Germany 46
Geodetski List Croatian Geodetic Society Croatia 45

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